2017 Revised Edition

You Majored in What? Designing Your Path from College to Career

Even in these challenging economic times, there is a way to make sense of the seeming chaos of the job search. You Majored in What? Designing Your Path from College to Career (originally published in 2010 and completely revised in 2017) is an Amazon best-selling book designed for college students and recent graduates who are seeking a way to work through the chaos of career planning and the job search.

2010 Edition

If you’re a college student or recent graduate, the “Wise Wanderings” career coaching system described in this book will get you started on your life after graduation no matter what subject you majored in. Get ready to move forward quickly and cut through the anxiety and negative thinking that makes the job search seem so difficult.

College Students! The Wise Wanderings System will help you:

  • Get the most out of your classes
  • Appreciate and articulate the value of a liberal arts degree
  • Make the connections between your studies and the workplace
  • Impress employers with your knowledge and skills
  • Identify your skills and create a plan to acquire the skills you need
  • Map out a plan for achieving your dreams
  • Analyze and correct the problems which might keep you from attaining your goal
  • Develop a supportive network
  • Stay motivated and inspired to do more than you thought possible

How To Purchase

Attention Counselors: An Online Continuing Education (CEU) training program for certified and licensed counselors is available through the National Association for Colleges and Employers. Check out the NACE Wise Wandering Course for Continuing Education for Counselors here:


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