Picture Your Career

Download for free this unique and creative workbook that I wrote with my colleague, Grace Foy, at Vanderbilt University.

Are you ready to make some big career moves? Using visual thinking techniques, this workbook will help you discover your strengths, develop your vision, design a path forward, and deliver your talent.

  • Packed with dozens of interactive exercises, this guidebook will help you:
  • Develop your vision and discover possible career trajectories
  • Discover your talents and understand how they help you in the workplace
  • Get organized and set goals for your future
  • Complete inner work such as managing emotions and anxiety
  • Explore possibilities in your career field
  • Conduct a job search with practical tips on networking, interviewing, and resumes

Please note: this workbook is owned by Vanderbilt University which holds the Creative Commons license. Under this license, you are permitted to download and print the workbook, with the following restrictions. You cannot alter it, you cannot sell it or use it for commercial purposes, and you must keep the Vanderbilt copyright on the material.

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